I too
By Natalie Aboitiz. 2014

I too
sold my soul to the devil

for a handful of dreams
and a journey out
of my reality

I too
enjoyed the ride

on the rollercoaster of fantasy
and indulged in salty pretzels
and cotton-candy smell

I too
got a ticket

for the labyrinth of mirrors
and was amused
with my distorted self

I too
entered the booth

of fortunes
and held out my palm
to the great illusionist

I too ran to the
shooting booth

and aimed at my soul…

I hit the target – and I won:
denial, wrapped to look pretty

in pink cellophane

and then –
the music stopped

and the coloured lights
burned out

I was left behind
to search in the dark

for the yellow brick road
hand in hand
with my gift-wrapped

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